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Interactive and Informative workshops offered virtually and in person to students (K-12) include concepts like poetry writing, social justice through artistic expression, performance skills & affirmation poetry writing for confidence bulding.

Adult workshops designed for educators and corporate sector organizations are also available, and include concepts like Perfecting Virtual Presentations & Team Building Exercises.
Contact me with your specific needs or to get inspiritation for your next event!

event Hosting

From weddings to open mic nights to corporate professional development days, your event is in great hands with Reé!

Organized, professional and able to get any crowd up and moving virtually or in-person. Have an idea for your next event? You'll want to 

private consultations

Get support in grant writing, editing or help on how to channel your creativity. Hourly consultations are now available. 

"We love that Amoya was able to connect with us virtually. We are inspired by her poems, and love that we got the opportunity to write and present our own."
- grade 7 teacher, York Region District School Board

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