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New Year, Better Me (I'm changing things you can't see)

One week in, and everyone has either sobered up from celebrating and hit the gym or let go of that lover who couldn't deliver. Maybe you've started reading a new book or watching a new show. Whatever "new" thing you've decided to do for the new year, I hope you are staying committed but beyond that, I hope you are happy!

As cliché as it sounds, I really do hope you are happy. Happiness is something people often take for granted, and as someone who is often unhappy or stressed (or depressed if you want to be real) I really wanted to try to be a happier me this year. I fake it most of the time, because I never want to be that dark cloud blocking anyone's sunshine, but to suffer in private is just as toxic, as it comes out in other unhealthy ways, often affecting those closest to you.

So while I am giving a standing ovation to everyone in the gym and everyone quitting smoking. I also want to take some time to make an honorable mention to those who have made their mental and emotional health a goal for 2018.

I don't really do resolutions in the traditional sense, instead, I have made some tangible commitments for myself that I already know I can achieve, but haven't had the motivation to do in the past. Things that are essential to my mental and emotional growth. If your business, body, or beauty goals are not aligned with your current mental and emotional state, you risk burning out before you can even plan the road map to get to the finish line. In other words:

True success starts from the inside out.

Last year I saw too many people who were so busy being hustlers who never sleep, trying so hard to keep up with other people who seem to have it all figured out. We forget that we are powerful creatures and that like most powerful things, the energy that drives us to do great things needs rejuvenation.


Here are 4 mental health commitments I have made for myself for 2018.

I hope these inspire you to start your own and to take your emotional well being seriously.

1. Meditate every day

I've been doing this by just playing a meditation playlist off Spotify before I fall asleep just to help me unwind and let go of tension. Any time of day is fine for when you need it, but I have such difficulty sleeping so this is what works for me.

2. Read every day

Even if it's the same book you've been trying to read for a year....just take 10-15 minutes to yourself to read. I always keep a book in my bathroom for those long visits to the toilet. (I don't care what anyone says, it's a great time to read!). And if your not a reader, get an audio book. I'm telling you, being able to retain information that is outside of your current reality helps ground you emotionally.

3. Give myself a compliment

This part I've been doing in private but it's usually something as simple as "girl you smell good today". Try doing it as many times as you can throughout the day, but at least once. The important thing to remember is to speak to yourself in third person. Unleash some major ego in this bitch.

4. Wake up to my own voice

Almost every empowerment or success guru will tell you about affirmations. I call bullshit on almost all of them because I know they don't stand up and say those things out loud to themselves every day. I personally am not ready to be out here looking like a damn fool at 7 in the morning. Instead, I made a practical method of affirming my #blackgirlmagic. I simply recorded my own affirmations using my phone and set the audio file as my alarm tone. I hear the words and take a minute to let them sink in before I get up and get on with my adulting.


Whatever your 2018 goals are, I know you can do it! I believe in you. And can you say an extra little prayer for me? Let's try to be better people this year than we were before. For me, I'm trying to see myself the way my husband sees me. I'm one of those people who never believe the compliments people give me (what's that called? I feel like that's a thing) so this year, I wanted to really understand what that man could possibly see in me. This video is me, from his eyes.

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